Hey Everyone!! 😀

Im Getting Back In WordPress A Bit And I have Done Some Sorting And Adding New Stuff To My Site (Banner, Theme, New Page Etc.)

Hope You Like The Changes!

Until Soon My Chilly Feathered Friends D


Hi All You People!

I haven’t been on for months now on wordpress! Maybe it got sort borin? I still go on Club Penguin when I have the time. I might be considering quitting CP but its not too likely. I have been really busy with school and other after school activities so I can’t log on much. The main time I go on is during the summer. I made this page during the summer last year when I had all the time in the world! I might not post too much but I am still around! You can find me sometimes around in CP and we can have a chat and hang out. I might not add any cheats any more but I will still try to use this blog. I might even change its purpose and have only a small division about CP! Who knows? I might even get back BIG into the blog over the summer. I will update you for that. Quite a few people have quit CP Blogging while I was gone like Gjmc784 and Fano. I don’t think I will ever really QUIT. But I just might not blog for a long time. I need some people to get me back into blogging. So all the people who want me to continue Shout Out Loud and COMMENT!

Thank You!

May The Force Of Flight Through Water Be With All Of You Penguin Lovers!

And as I always used to say: Until Soon My Chilly Feathered Friends 😀


Its ok, I like some of it too.“Better Igloos February/March Catalog”

Page 1:

  • Mermaid Vanity- 735 (new)
  • Shell chair- 550 (new)

Page 2:

  • Clam- 305
  • Mermaid Clock- 350 (new)
  • Sea Weed- 265

Page 3:

  • Orange Inflatable Sofa- 400 (new)
  • Orange Inflatable Chair- 275 (new)
  • Pink Plastic Castle- 315

Page 4:

  • Tate Stage Poster- 75 (new)
  • Zeus Stage Poster- 75 (new)
  • Peppy Stage Poster- 75 (new)

In celebration for Gjmc turning 300 and in real life 13.

Now too bad they aren’t on the same day


I tried making a vid, but it didnt work for some reason. Ill be dealing with that later on.

First off on the first page, its an orange penguin jumping into a green paint can.

New stuff:

  • White Admirals Jacket – 620
  • Coral Crown – 300
  • Mermaid outfit – 800
  • Safety Vest – 200

Stuff brought back

  • Divers Helmet – 650
  • Pearl Necklace – 500
  • Scuba Tank – 480
  • Wet suit – 600
  • Green Flippers – 200
  • Construction Hat – 50 ( my second rarest item ( )


  • Green Snorkel – Medal on White Admirals Jacket (200)
  • Red Viking Helmet – Russian Hat (750)
  • Blue Viking Helmet – Open and close
    red on four times (1200)


  • Underwater Background (brought back)
  • Blossom Background (new)
  • Launchpad Background (rare one brought back)
  • Blue Stars Background (new)

Construction project at Lighthouse called “Save the Migrator Project”

New Pin is in lighthouse on wall by level on the split level of the stairs (cant satnd underneath, must stand next to to get)


The Fiesta is great. I like the coffee shop the most I think.
Festive Maracas are at stairs by night clubmaracas.jpg

Now the new pin is as hard as heck.

Its at the forest. Its a sombrero pin. You see a pinnate (or however its spelled)

Click it twice. Put your moue over it then. It explodes and a pin comes out.

No new igloo catalog.

New stuff in Furniture catalog:

  • Snowman – 405
  • Sled – 350
  • Superheroes stage Poster – 75
  • Fan – 200
  • Lamp – 125
  • Pinata – 300

Brought back stuff:

  • Mexican Vase – 320
  • Mexican Rug – 550
  • Area Rugs – 400-550
  • Coat Rack – 200
  • Cd Rack -150

Remember if you in the Rbs, choose your side!


MY loyal army has been split up and is entering civil war. Pick a side

Mine, or Brent, or Zitnik.

I honestly dont care which side you choose.

I hate it. They divided up the furniture into(order from top to bottom on sides)

  • All
  • Floor items
  • Wall Items
  • Rugs and that type
  • Puffle

My igloo was a bit messed up too. And the Christmas Music is gone (I hope you had it, I didnt)